English onomatopeias: Slam!


As other posts on this blog about onomatopeias (you can see them here), today I’m explaining somethig about this onomatopeia that represents the sound  of a door which has been shut violently.

It can also be used as a verb, and in that case to slam means:

  • ‘to shut hard and noisily,’  with a door;
  • ‘to strike or hit with noise and great impact;’
  • ‘to push or strike violently,’ usually with the prepositions into or against, and
  • figuratively, it means ‘to criticize harshly.’


It can be used as a noun:

  • a slam is something being closed hard and noisily;
  • a noisy impact;
  • a verbal attack;
  • in card games, a slam is the winning or losing of all the tricks or all the tricks but one in a deal of cards, and
  • poetry slam is an event where poets recite poems they have written.

Just a touch of humor, here you can watch Tom Hanks an Samuel L. Jackson performing some parodies of the beatnik poetry slam:


Thanks to WordReference for some information from its section ‘Word of the day’, see full information here:

Word of the Day: slam

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