English interjections: crap!

 Crap is used as an interjection when something goes wrong.


Colloquially, and somewhat vulgarly, crap means ‘excrement’ or ‘the act of defecation,’ and ‘junk’ or ‘litter’ (a word that describes paper, cans, or general garbage that people throw).

People walking past litter on the street


  • «Oh crap!» Mary exclaimed, as the plate hit the floor and shattered.
  • Joe stepped in some crap on the sidewalk.
  • The cat’s taken another crap in the garden.
  • Irene told the teenagers to tidy up; she was sick of them leaving crap all over the house.

Also very colloquially, crap can mean ‘nonsense’ or ‘a lie’.

  • I never said that and you know it! You’re talking crap.

As a verb, it means ‘to defecate.’

  • If your dog craps on the sidewalk, you should pick it up and put it in a bin.

Craps, always with the “s” on the end, is also a dice game where players gamble on the outcome of the roll.

  • There were several people shooting craps in the casino.

Crap is also an adjective meaning ‘rubbish, no good,’

  • That film was crap.
  • I’m crap at maths.

It is used more often in the UK. In US English, the related adjective crappy is often used instead (you can also use crappy in UK English).


Words often used with crap

cut the crap: stop talking nonsense, get to the point.

  • OK, cut the crap; what have you really come to see me about?

crap out (US): ruin, make a mess of.

  • I need to go to the laundromat tomorrow. The washing machine crapped out last week.

beat the crap out of someone: beat up severely.

  • That boxer thought he would win the fight easily, but his opponent beat the crap out of him.

Thanks to WordReference. See more information here.

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